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  • Strict control of sugar content,

    acid degree and the grapecondition.

  • The grape is a special collection,

    harvested from own vineyards,

    grown organically.

If you are a connoisseur of fine wine, if you like to drink authentic and unique quality product from grapes without added sugar, alcohol nor flavors, you are at the right place – “Domain Trifonoff” Winery! You will find here a unique wine with remarkable flavor! The wine is produced by a classical technology with professionalism and love.

“Domaine Trifonoff” Winery, known until the beginning of 2012 as “Pesen” Winery, has been created in 2008 in Pesnopoy Village, Kaloyanovo Municipality, Plovidv Province. The village is situated on the main road from Plovdiv to Karlovo before the town of Banya and 12 km from the SPA resort Hisarya. The Winery has been built at the foot of Mount Chukurli bair next to a beautiful pine forest, part of which is in the yard of the winery.

“Domain Trifonoff” is a boutique family winery created to produce small lots of high quality wines. The wine is aging in oak barrels in an underground premises carved out of the rocks below, which maintains constant temperature, right for the aging of high quality batches of wine.

“Domain Trifonoff” offer connoisseurs a real and quality product with no added sugar, alcohol or flavor.